Do customers want to know how much a service is going to cost before they get in touch? You’d think so, but there are a number of situations in which the vendor chooses not to reveal their prices. Take Wedding Photographers for example.

As part of my research into the wedding photography business I looked at 257 of Britain’s most popular wedding photography websites as ranked by Google.

Of the 257 sites visited:

. 39% included specific prices for their wedding packages.

. 30% provided some cost information but not specific enough to know the price of wedding photos with an album.

. 31% did not provide any price guidelines.

From this exercise it was clear there’s little agreement amongst photographers when it comes to pricing. Some hope that, by including the price of the service, the potential customer will feel confident of knowing how much the photographer will cost.

Others are concerned that quoting an absolute cost reduces their service to a price rather than quality consideration and makes it more of a commodity market.

The final group assume that, if the customer is mainly concerned with price, they are not the sort of client they want. Instead they advise potential customers to make contact to enquire about price.

So which is best and how much do they actually charge?

Of the 100 sites that quoted a price for a weekend wedding and album, the average entry-level cost was:                    


Within the overall sample were regional differences. 

The full report outlines the importance – or lack of importance – of price in the decision-making process together with a lists the 257 photographers reviewed with links to to their sites.

I’ve written a free report which offers advice on on what to look for in a wedding photographer. Download it using THIS LINK:Wedding Photographer Pricing Strategy

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