CHOOSING a mortgage…

HOW DO people buy a mortgage? It’s a stressful process and not something we do every day and these interviews reveal we often don’t know where to start. We’ve passed on their experiences to you so you can better understand how it feels from their point of view.

Scroll down below to watch more than an hour of videos of home owners describing their experience and choices.

You can also download a copy of this report for £20 by clicking the HERE and following the PayPal link. Enjoy.

Question 1. Have you always made the right mortgage choice?

Question 2. What do you think about mortgage lenders – banks and building societies?

Question 3. What do you think about independent mortgage advisers?

Question 4. Who would you contact if needed a mortgage?

Question 5. What advantages, if any, do you see in using an independent mortgage adviser?

Question 6. Do you expect an independent mortgage adviser to be independent?

Question 7. What qualifications do you think a mortgage adviser should have?

Question 8. Would you expect to pay a fee for mortgage advice? If not, why not?

Question 9. Would you expect a mortgage adviser to help with other areas of financial advice?

Question 10. Do you consider protection (e.g. Life Cover etc.) to be important when arranging a mortgage?

Question 11. Who would you ask if you wanted a recommendation for a good independent mortgage adviser?

Question 12. Would you recommend the mortgage adviser you have used to a friend?

Question 13. Would you go to a mortgage adviser with a big firm or would you prefer a smaller firm or sole trader?

Question 14. If you had a face-to-face interview with a mortgage adviser, would you prefer him to wear a suit or is smart casual dress preferable?

Question 15. If you are researching a broker on the Internet, what information do you want to see on his website?

Question 16. Would you research mortgages on the Internet and if so, where would you look for advice and what key words would you enter?

Question 17. Would you use any websites such as “The Best Of” to search for a mortgage adviser?

Question 18. Would you prefer a face-to-face interview when arranging a mortgage, or would you be happy with telephone and emails?

Question 19. Would you respond to video emails from a mortgage adviser or would you prefer everything in writing?

Question 20. What could a mortgage adviser do or say that might persuade you to talk to him next time you are looking for a mortgage?

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