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‘Knowledge is Power – but not if it isn’t focused. We’ve worked with Graham for many years… the kind ofwork he does and the knowledge he has is hard to find anywhere else.’  Sir John Hegarty, Chairman, Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty

Graham is a passionate man and a marketing specialist who’s worked extensively in the UK and USA. A key mover in the development of qualitative research, consumer insights and strategic brand development.

“Working with Graham is always an inspiration.
He’s the most intuitive researcher I know. He’s also an innovator, having reinvented youth research in the UK in the 1990′s. A highly creative thinker and an engaging presenter, clients love him,as his impressive roster attests.”  Tony Writer, Founder, Headspace USA

In the 1990’s he created the ground-breaking Informer Brand Development agency providing marketing and branding services for a wide range of brands including Nike, Coca-Cola,The Economist, Levi’s, Nokia, Bacardi and many more.

“I’ve worked with Graham and his team since my time as Managing Partner of Fallon Worldwide,relying on their expertise of trends, NPD, qualitative research and evaluation of business problems. He has worked side by side with us on Coca-Cola, Jim Beam Brands and MTV, among others. His team are smart, selfless nice people who get creativity and value partnerships with the agency and client.John Gerzema, Chief Insight Officer, Y&R Brands

Most recently he spent 3 years in New York working as Strategic Planning Director for a major ad agency. He now lives in the West Country with his wife and 3 kids where he’s applying blue chip marketing principles to brands ranging from internationals to local SMB’s.

With Ambitious Brands he offers genuine brand planning services for specific projects, clients and competitive pitches. He also provides in-house training for agencies wanting to develop their own planning department.

He’s occasionally asked why he refers to himself in the third person….


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