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THE MINISTRY OF INSIGHTS is Graham’s organ of thoughts, ideas, stimulation, postulations, showcasings, musings, abstractions, whimsies, inklings, intimations, and insights. It’s primarily aims to make the reader pause for thought – to literally stop and think – and in-so-doing improve our business ideas. One of the biggest problems with insight generation in a business environment is the suspicion that stopping to think is somehow wasting time, when, in fact and obviously, the opposite it true. I mean, if you’re trying to come up with insights that will improve the performance of your business, it’s important you stop to think about the problem. It’s through not stopping to think that you are, ironically, more likely to waste time.

So here’s a blog that’s designed to stop you ‘doing’ and tries to start you ‘thinking’. It does this through exciting curiosity, lifting blinkers and exercising creative thinking skills. It’s also a sort of Clapham Junction where the various tracks of Graham’s work come together, occasionally resulting in an horrendous pile of twisted metal and broken dreams…  Graham is Ambitious: a brand strategy agency that helps business owners create effective brand and marketing strategies. Graham is an expert in insight generation and the MINISTRY OF INSIGHT blog is an expression of that underlying expertise. What’s an Insights?


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