Informer was a trailblazer in youth insights that worked out of LondonMiami and New York from 1990 – 2002. It was known for its irreverent attitude its ability to understand its subjects (mostly 14 – 24 year olds) and for its excellentpersonnel. It also developed the whole field of ethnography which it distributed digitally through CD.
We recorded hundreds of hours of video of young people sharing with us their lives. We were possibly the first agency to transfer this research and consequent insights into a digital and interactive format – starting in 1994! To see an example of the work we did developing the American ‘Truth” – youth anti-tobacco marketing campaign Click Here: TRUTH

To see work we conducted at the Seattle WTO Riots in 1999 Click Here: BATTLE FOR SEATTLE To see and example of our Advertising Review Click Here: AD REVIEW More archive information will be added when I have time.


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