“DON’T ever let someone tell you you can’t do something…”

20/06/2012 § Leave a comment

At the risk of sounding hokey it’s sometimes worth remembering that other people’s opinions tend to shape our expectations. If we want to find insights that point to solutions that lie outside current circumstances, we probably need to look beyond those expectations.

The Pursuit of Happyness movie is a formidable example of someone who refuses to be defined by his environment or what people think of him. In the San Francisco ChronicleMick LaSalle observed:

“The beauty of the film is its honesty. In its outlines, it’s nothing like the usual success story depicted on-screen, in which, after a reasonable interval of disappointment, success arrives wrapped in a ribbon and a bow. Instead, this success story follows the pattern most common in life — it chronicles a series of soul-sickening failures and defeats, missed opportunities, sure things that didn’t quite happen, all of which are accompanied by a concomitant accretion of barely perceptible victories that gradually amount to something. In other words, it all feels real.”[8]

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